What would your company be like if you had 90-days of dedicated coaching to solve your specific problem in your business? 

Why not find out!

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So, you're stuck...

Here's a secret...It's not as bad as you think...

It happens to the best of us. You're moving along in your business and suddenly, there's a task or project you need to work through.

Sometimes, all it takes is an alternate perspective, a good coach and a few good friends who understand business needs and the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face.

That's what the CEO Roundtable is - an opportunity for pointed direction, coaching and peer support to get it done.


Stephanie L. Arnold

CEO, Serve. Sell. Grow

Dr. Stacie NC Grant

CEO, Destiny Designer's University

Monica N. Britton

CEO, Britton Jones Marketing


This 90-day opportunity is for the go-getter entrepreneur who has a great business concept, but is challenged by an aspect of their business that may be holding them back from either monetizing or moving forward to focus on the rest of their organization. The CEO's roundtable is a fun, productive way to connect with other CEOs, focus on your specific issue and get tailored feedback from some of the most creative minds in business to support your goals. 

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